Helgi R Tórzhamar

Announcement from the respective authorities in Vestmannaeyjar

On the Corona virus 21 March 2020.

Further restrictions due to Covid 19

Rules on ban of mass gatherings in Vestmannaeyjar 

Further restrictions on mass gatherings in Vestmannaeyjar includes the following activities:

  • Conferences, conventions, meetings etc.
  • Events, inter alia concerts, theaters, movie theaters, sports events and private parties
  • Religious events, due to funerals, weddings, confirmations etc.
  • Other similar events consisting 10 individuals or more. Furthermore, it shall be ensured that in all workplaces and other entities, no more than 10 individuals are present in the same space at the same time, such as restaurants, canteens, cafes and shops.
  • Public access to Sport facilities, gyms, bars and nightclubs, slot machines and museums.
  • Operation where proximity is close, such as hair saloons, beauty saloons, massage parlours and similar operations.
  • Physiotherapy, except in case of really important rehabilitation. In such cases strong conditions on hygiene and protection applies. 
  • All sports activities for children and adults where distance is less than 2 meters between individuals and any joint equipment or accommodation is to be shared.

These measures will take place on the Saturday 21 Mars 2020 at 18:00.

In some cases the repsective authorities might have to apply further restrictions on quarantine within close group of those who have been diagnosed with the virus.

The abovementioned measures are done in close cooperation with the Icelandic Emergency Authorities (Iceland‘s Chief Epidemiologist and the National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police Department and Civil Protection and Emergency management).

Further annoucements will be published today.

The Crises Authority in Vestmannaeyjar

Forsíðumynd: Helgi R Tórzhamar

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